Benefits of PACE

Our current participant’s have many wonderful stories to tell about the benefits of St. Paul’s PACE. Many appreciate the program for providing them with the socialization they have missed for so long. Medically we have increased the overall health and strength of our participants, decreased cholesterol, increased mobility and supported weight control. Here are some benefits to the program for you and your current caregiver:

  • The St. Paul’s PACE doctor to patient ratio is very low, nurses and doctors will know you intimately so care is extremely personal.
  • Doctors and medical teams specialize in geriatric care which means no one knows your body better than the staff here at St. Paul’s PACE.
  • Because our medical team sets all of your medical appointments, there is no need for you to do this. You also do not have to arrange or pay for transportation to multiple medical facilities and you will no longer wait in
  • No waiting rooms – our nurse and therapists will come get you from the recreation room when your appointment is set.
  • If you have a current caregiver, he/she can now take time out from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week care, unlike other independent living centers.
  • With the support of PACE, participants can continue to live in the least restrictive environment, in their home.
  • St. Paul’s PACE provides preventative care such as physical therapy to increase strength, which reduces fall risk AND we provide as much therapy as we feel you need, not dictated by a pencil pusher!
  • Our caring San Diego PACE team members become family to our participants, and we constantly watch for signs of change in our participants and can make decisions on health needs quickly to avoid long term problems.
  • Services covered will be in accordance with the individualized care plan and approved by the PACE independent living centers Care Team.

Physical Therapy Reduces the Risk of Falls for St. Paul’s PACE Seniors

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