Every Day is Senior Health and Fitness Day St. Paul’s PACE Participants

As our life expectancy increases, so does our realization that we must retain in our personal fitness to fully enjoy an active lifestyle. For seniors at St. Paul’s PACE , physical activity and health are far more than choice. For these frail senior s, health and fitness are the keys to their independence that allows them to re main in their homes and community. St. Paul’s PACE, a nonprofit organization,


The Pace Program – Alternatives To Nursing Homes ( Guide – December 16, 2010 in News Stories)

The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a comprehensive care delivery system that allows those who would be traditionally thought of as nursing home residents to continue living at home while receiving services. It provides an alternative to nursing homes. This model of care will become increasingly important as the concept of medical homes evolves and the emphasis for care continues to shift away from more acute