Shih Tang MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine Buenos Aires School of Medicine, Argentina – English, Spanish, Mandarin

Hi, I’m Dr. Tang and I have been working with seniors for over fifteen years. Participants are like family to me and I believe in treating them with compassion and kindness. In fact, that is one of the reasons I chose to work at St. Paul’s PACE, here our Participants are like family. I also appreciate the team approach to helping seniors. By meeting with the interdisciplinary team every day I hear of Participant-challenges quickly and receive input from physical therapists,  dieticians, social workers, and other important disciplines. So PACE Participants receive vital medical care quickly and with a well-rounded treatment plan.

As you can see I enjoy gardening and for those who speak Spanish or Mandarin, I do too, so I look forward to communicating with you in your preferred language.

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