10News attends a St. Paul’s PACE Home Care Visit

PACE program helping low-income seniors live independently in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – More low-income seniors are taking back their independence with help from the St. Paul’s PACE program.

PACE helps seniors live independently at home by providing social services, in-home care, transportation, personalized medical services, and senior activities.

Norma Griego is a PACE Certified Nursing Assistant and visits about six seniors a day. She checks on their well-being, does light housekeeping, and spends time socializing with the seniors.

Socialization is so important. There are times that they don’t get out to see a lot of people and just listening to their stories is wonderful and then getting to know them and build relationships with them, it’s amazing, it’s just wonderful,” said Griego.

Iva Records is a PACE participant and is turning 102-years-old this Halloween.

Well I just like it here; I like my independence, I like to get up when I want to, I want my breakfast when I want it,” Records.

Because Records has trouble seeing, she relies on PACE to continue living independently at home.

They always are there for you,” said Records.

The interdisciplinary team includes a registered nurse, recreation therapist, dietitian, occupational therapist, PACE center manager, home care coordinator, personal care attendant, transportation specialist, primary care provider, social worker, and physical therapist.

To be eligible for St. Paul’s PACE, seniors must be:

  • – Over 55 years of age
  • – Live in San Diego County
  • – Be able to live in their homes independently (with PACE help)
  • – Have skilled medical needs

PACE is free to anyone on Medi-Cal with no share of cost; medications are also free.


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