At St. Paul’s PACE, we strive to always be creating and adding new and exciting things to each of our communities as part of our goal to always be growing and innovating as an organization. These changes bring more opportunities for our seniors, their families, the community, and even our employees. This in turn allows us the privilege of being showcased to the community by being featured on local news and radio stations, in various print articles for newspapers and community publications, and more. All of these help us make the San Diego community aware of our growth, achievements, events, and more. Check out our recent endeavors below.

Press Releases and Media


We’re always busy at St. Paul’s PACE with new programming, innovative services and engagement with the broader San Diego community. See our recent press releases and announcements to hear about our latest achievements and new services.


A good way to familiarize yourself with who we are and how we operate is to read about us in local publications. Browse through recent press about St. Paul’s PACE to learn about the impact that we’ve had in your community.


There are currently no upcoming events. Please check back soon.

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