Personal Story – Alma Lango

Alma Lango – Participant since 2014

Alma Lango – Participant since 2014Before Alma Lango enrolled in St. Paul’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), her life was very different.

It was a lot harder for her and for her daughter who lives with her.

“I couldn’t walk; I was in a wheelchair,” Alma remembers. “My
daughter helped me; she did my laundry and my shopping, but
I wasn’t getting any medical care. I have Parkinson’s. At that time,
I had a case of Gout. It was worse because my ankles, my feet, my
knees, and my shoulders all hurt. I had a lot of health problems.”

I didn’t want to come to St. Paul’s PACE. I was depressed at the time. But I gave it a chance – and I can walk now.

- St. Paul’s PACE Participant Alma Lango

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