St. Paul’s PACE Reviews

I only hear good things about this program, I love how they help local seniors live a healthier lifestyle. Just today I read a blog about a PACE participant who started walking again thanks to the support she received from PACE.
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Everyone is friendly!! It is a all inclusive healthcare for seniors only. Also, has a day center with many activities for their patients. They serve lunch to everyone every day!
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Connecting seniors to a better life!!!! One becomes family once they join St. Paul’s PACE

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St. Paul’s PACE is a managed healthcare plan for seniors 55 and older with chronic medical issues. Having met many of the seniors that are part of the program, I am compelled to write a review. A participant named Roger said that “St. Paul’s PACE saved my life.” He thought about ending it. He was severely depressed. Then he joined St. Paul’s PACE and got the medical care he needed and socialization. He says he feels like he has family now. A woman named Alma couldn’t walk before she joined and now, through physical therapy, she can walk with the use of a walker. I am so amazed by the transformation of people’s lives.
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I’ve been in several health plans before, but NONE of them even come close to the care and dedication of the doctors and staff of PACE Akaloa! The staff is friendly and very attentive to our needs. I could tell from my very first day there that this is the best!

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A great alternative to a nursing home! If you live in San Diego county and you’d like to continue living in your own home the excellent staff at St.Paul’s PACE will take care of you each step of the way. They accept Medi-Cal and Medicare (dual eligible’s) or private payment.

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St. Paul’s PACE is a program that includes all inclusive care for the elderly, if you are accepted into their program. I was invited to visit them twice and I thought that their program was outstanding ; it is a wonderful organization for seniors – especially for those who’s applicants are at least 65 years of age or over yet, I was told that they accept many homeless, as well as immigrants into their selection process: It’s primarily based on a final opinion, which is determined by the subjective analysis/judgments of their own psychiatrist and physician.

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I LOVE PACE! Wish I had them 2 years ago, when I was going thru so much alone! Now I have a Team to call.

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GreT place for health care
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The people here are really nice
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Awesome people! They are so kind and welcoming. I’m blessed to work there!

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Great all inclusive program for the elderly.
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