The St. Paul’s PACE Board

St. Paul’s PACE strives to be the leader in providing all-inclusive, innovative solutions to the health and social service needs of San Diego’s frail seniors. In tandem with the St. Paul’s PACE Executive Team, this board makes sure that St. Paul’s PACE continues to provide a caring network of medical and social services. These senior services foster independence, preserve individual dignity, and enable frail seniors to remain at home and involved with their family, friends, and community.

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The Operating Board - St. Paul’s Episcopal Home, Inc.

  • Michael McHale, President and CEO
  • Randy Traux, Board Chair
  • Jake Sutton, Vice Chair
  • Bill McColl, Treasurer
  • Maureen McNulty, Secretary
  • Patrick Edd, Past Chair
  • Mark Allan
  • Jim DeVito
  • Laury Graves
  • Philip A. Greiner
  • Dan Gross
  • Shirley Horton
  • Patrick Hurley
  • Jonathan Hunter
  • Mark McMahon
  • Kirk Jackson
  • Lesslie Keller
  • Phyllis Lengyel
  • Ben Meza
  • Jerry Rindone
  • Alexandra Vinson
  • Brandon Silvia
  • Dick Thorn

Board of Directors

  • Michael McHale, President
  • Randy Truax, Chair
  • Jake Sutton, Vice Chair
  • Bill McColl, Treasurer
  • Maureen McNulty, Secretary
  • Philip A. Greiner
  • Lesslie Keller

Medical Directors

  • Victor Lee, M.D.
  • John Gaidry, M.D.
  • Sandra McColl, M.D.

The St. Paul's Senior Services Foundation Board

  • Michael McHale, President
  • John McColl, Chair
  • Peter Gallagher, Vice Chair
  • Bruce Leidenberger, Treasurer
  • Todd Kaprielian, Foundation Chief Executive Officer/Secretary
  • Philip A. Greiner, Immediate Past Chair
  • Eleanor Charlton
  • Anne Dick
  • Daryl Ferguson
  • Nancy Holland
  • Gail Jones
  • Peggy Killian
  • Pat Kreder
  • Carrie O’Brien
  • The Rev. Canon Wayne Sanders
  • Peggy Strand
  • Neville Willsmore

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