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St. Paul’s PACE North County

St. Paul’s is excited to announce the opening of our newest PACE center in Encinitas. As the fourth St. Paul’s PACE site in San Diego, the center will serve North County’s low-income senior population in a safe and convenient location that brings medical care directly to them.

See if You Qualify for PACE

Talk to an Enrollment Specialist to see if St. Paul’s PACE is right for you. Call 1-833-PACE NOW and ask about how to qualify for PACE, or you can fill out a free evaluation form online.


Services Offered at St. Paul’s PACE North County

As an Alternative Care Setting (ACS), enrolled participants will receive their primary medical care and additional care services in our health center or via telehealth.

These services include:

  • Primary care – physician, specialty, and nursing services
  • Social services – licensed social work assistance
  • Restorative therapies – physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy
  • Personal care and supportive services
  • Transportation to and from medical clinic

St. Paul’s PACE Telehealth Services

Telehealth care has become an integral part of St. Paul’s PACE. When medically feasible and upon request, our physicians offer medical appointments through phone and video conferencing, giving participants the option to communicate with providers from the comfort of their homes.

Speak to an Enrollment Specialist

To see if you or a loved one qualify for St. Paul’s PACE, call (619)677-3800 and ask to speak with an Enrollment Specialist. You can also submit a FREE PACE evaluation here.

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Give us a call to schedule your appointments, coordinate your care and more.

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More about St. Paul’s PACE

Since 2008, St. Paul’s Senior Services has cared for more than 4,000 San Diego seniors through its PACE program. As a mission-driven nonprofit, we are the first organization to bring PACE to San Diego and continue to expand our services to meet the needs of local seniors.

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Benefits of St. Paul's PACE North County

As a St. Paul’s PACE participant, your healthcare team coordinates all of your medical, social, and home care services for you so that you don’t have to manage it yourself.

At St. Paul’s PACE North County, all of your medical care and services are covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal, as approved by your team of healthcare professionals. You’ll also receive medically-necessary care and services not covered by Medicare and Medi-Cal.

To learn if you or a loved one qualify for St. Paul’s PACE in North County, contact our Enrollments Department at (619)677-3800.

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