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    Who is Eligible?

    Those wishing to enroll in St. Paul’s PACE must meet the following criteria:

    • Be age 55 or older
    • Have a chronic medical condition
    • Live in San Diego county
    • Have medi-cal

    Enrollment Process

    An inquiring participant, family member or friend can call for information or make a referral to St. Paul’s PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly). When contact with the potential participant is made, one or our Enrollment Coordinators will talk with you to obtain some basic information regarding your needs, then will refer you to an Enrollment Specialist to talk through your unique situation and concerns. We will cover a variety of areas, including discussion of medical and memory issues, to help determine if the person is eligible for PACE services. We will talk about what is and isn't working well at home, gaps in care, and whether there is an interest in using our many services. We will also ask questions about finances, as this can help us determine if the individual is eligible for Medi-Cal, which can fully fund our services. During the course of our conversation, we will get a better picture of whether or not St. Paul’s PACE is a good fit for you, and we will help with locating other community options if it is not. If criteria are met and there is interest, we will schedule an Initial Home Visit.

    The home visit will be scheduled with the potential participant as soon as possible. The Enrollment Specialist will review the PACE program and answer any questions or concerns. We will discuss your medical history and community support, as well as verify your insurance. We will also complete a Release of Information form to allow the St. Paul’s PACE medical team to understand your medical needs.

    The Enrollment Nurse will meet with you at one of our Medical Centers or in your home to complete an assessment, helping to determine your unique medical and mental health needs. The St. Paul’s PACE team will then meet to review individual findings to determine if the potential participant’s medical needs and safety requirements meet the level of care provided by the St. Paul’s PACE program. The team is required to certify that the potential participant meets the state eligibility requirements for PACE. Once certified, the Enrollment Specialist will call you and extend an invitation to join the program. If the team is unable to certify PACE eligibility, the Specialist will call and send written information regarding how to appeal the decision as well as present alternative support options.

    The Enrollment Specialist will arrange to meet with you to sign paperwork to complete the enrollment process. We will discuss the date that St. Paul’s PACE services will begin and the specifics of the transition to St. Paul’s PACE care.

    Enrollment FAQ's

    Do I have to change my doctor? Yes, one of our qualified providers who specialize in geriatric medicine will become your Primary Care Doctor. In addition to a primary care physician, you will have an interdisciplinary team of care providers including social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and more.

    What about Specialty care and hospital care? PACE has contracts with hundreds of specialists and providers throughout San Diego. Our contracted hospitals are the Scripps and Sharp hospitals.

    How will I get to the PACE Center? PACE will provide transportation to all of your medical appointments. What does PACE cost? If you have Medi-Cal and no share of cost, PACE is free! If you have a Medi-Cal share of cost, you will be responsible for your individual share of cost.

    Can I keep my IHSS worker? PACE provides in-home care services, so there is no need for IHSS with PACE. How often can I come to the Center? Services at the PACE Center are provided based on your medical needs, so each participant will have an individualized plan of care.

    Do you help me with meals? Yes. PACE will ensure you have access to food and meal programs, and our home care staff can assist you with grocery shopping, if needed.

    Do you have dental services? Yes. Dental services are provided at PACE.

    When can I start getting services? As soon as you are enrolled in PACE, our Interdisciplinary team will assess your needs and begin services right away.

    How long does it take to enroll? Our enrollment process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Our knowledgeable and friendly Enrollment Specialists will guide you every step of the way.

    Do you have a day center for socialization? Our day center is available for you anytime you come to the Center for your medical or therapy appointments—there, you can enjoy the many recreational activities that are provided.

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