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Many seniors have little-to-no help when it comes to navigating their physical and mental health, especially when family members live far away. To address this issue, St. Paul’s PACE includes a social work program that provides seniors in San Diego with the support they need while still giving them the independence they desire. 

With the support of our social workers at St. Paul’s PACE in San Diego, you can have assistance with day-to-day issues and challenges, which will help you live a happier, healthier life.

Do I Qualify?

How it Works

The social workers at St. Paul’s PACE advocate for your needs and provide case management services to help you and your caregiver navigate your health. Social workers are part of the interdisciplinary team, or care team, that coordinates your plan of care, managing the ongoing relationship between your care team, you, and your family.

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San Diego Social Workers for Seniors - St. Paul's PACE

St. Paul’s PACE social workers understand that when you are in the hospital, your daily challenges don’t go away. Your social worker will visit with you and work with the hospital to ensure that your needs are met, while also helping you take care of anything needed at home.

St. Paul’s PACE Social Workers Can Help You:

  • Understand how PACE works and how to get services
  • Maintain appropriate housing
  • Find community resources for needs such as food or finances
  • Navigate Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Disability, and Medi-Cal
  • Get support for mental health issues, including counseling
  • Navigate social systems (i.e., utility bills, home management)
  • Link to the community, caregivers, and community agencies
  • Arrange financial management, if needed
  • Communicate with family members

Daily Needs
From filling out paperwork and taking care of bills to meeting the requirements of living in your home, our social workers assist you as needed. They can connect you with San Diego supportive services like food banks and transportation companies. Having even a little help every so often makes your life better and easier and gives out-of-town family members peace of mind.

Hospital Stays
In the case that you are hospitalized, your St. Paul’s PACE social worker will assist with your discharge plan. Our social workers will also act as liaisons to skilled nursing/rehabilitation facilities, if needed.

As with all PACE services, social services are provided on an “as needed” basis.

See if You Qualify for PACE

Talk to an Enrollment Specialist to see if St. Paul’s PACE is right for you. Call 1-833-PACE NOW and ask about how to qualify for PACE, or you can fill out a free evaluation form online.


The Benefits of Having a St. Paul’s PACE Social Worker

Our social workers are popular for good reason, starting with their eagerness to help you in your daily life. You’ll set the parameters and we will provide all the assistance necessary to help you maintain your independent lifestyle. When family and friends are far away, we’ll be right by your side.

Do I Qualify

The day center is often described as a “wellness center” because our goal is to offer holistic care that fosters wellness in every aspect of your life.

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Let Us Help You

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing our fully-trained, caring social workers are here to help you in your home, and the reassurance that out-of-town family members will feel knowing that you have a St. Paul’s PACE social worker assisting you with your medical and personal needs.

You can find out more about St. Paul’s PACE services by calling our friendly, courteous enrollment specialists at any one of our four locations.

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