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For those who can no longer drive, coordinating inexpensive transportation to and from doctor appointments can be challenging. St. Paul’s PACE provides transportation from your home to our medical centers, making it convenient for seniors to get the care they need without having to worry about taking public transportation or driving.

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How it Works

A St. Paul’s PACE driver will pick you up from your home in the morning, bring you to your appointment site, and drive you home in the afternoon. You’ll even enjoy activities and companionship while waiting for your appointments at our day center. 

In addition to bringing you to our medical center, we also arrange field trips to fun locations around San Diego, because we understand that you may want to get out and enjoy what the community has to offer. This includes trips to popular places such as the beach, Balboa Park, and many other destinations that make for a wonderful day out. You can check with our schedule of events to see when we are taking field trips so you can join along.

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The Benefits of St. Paul’s PACE Transportation

Our drivers recently won an award for “Best Service Providers” in a quality survey, and once you’ve experienced St. Paul’s PACE transportation services, you’ll quickly understand why. Your St. Paul’s PACE driver won’t just pull up in front of your home to wait for you; they’ll meet you at your front door and assist you into the vehicle. If you’re in a wheelchair, we provide a state-approved, strapped-down/locked-in method that keeps your wheelchair securely in the vehicle, as safe as if you were riding in the seat with the safety belt on.

Fully Trained Drivers
We hire and train courteous drivers who prioritize your needs so that you feel comfortable and safe.

All of our drivers all have excellent driving records and have passed a rigorous training program that prepares them for all possibilities on the road. No matter the situation, you can trust them to react appropriately and have full peace of mind while you’re in transit.

Special Services
If you require a specialty medical service that isn’t provided at our wellness center, (though most services can be provided on site), we will transport you to that location for your appointment and back to our center or your home. We will also provide an escort.


See if You Qualify for PACE

Talk to an Enrollment Specialist to see if St. Paul’s PACE is right for you. Call 1-833-PACE NOW and ask about how to qualify for PACE, or you can fill out a free evaluation form online.


Let Us Help You

At St. Paul’s PACE San Diego, our courteous and skilled transportation team is ready to help you access the care you need with excellent door-to-door service. Call us today for more information and to take advantage of our convenient medical transit options.

Do I Qualify

Courteous Staff: We hire and train courteous drivers who prioritize tending to your needs so that you will feel comfortable on your trip. We understand the importance of feeling safe and welcome when you’re traveling to our center or out on a field trip.

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