St. Paul’s PACE welcomes individuals and families of all religions, beliefs, and spiritual backgrounds. We offer chaplaincy services to provide our participants with inclusive emotional and spiritual support according to their faith preferences.

What is a Chaplain?

By definition, a chaplain is a clergy member who conducts religious services for an institution. Needless to say, they do so much more! At St. Paul’s PACE, our chaplains are icons of compassion, courage, acceptance, empathy, sympathy, inclusiveness, and peace. They accompany participants on their personal journeys and remain fully present to them throughout life’s challenges.

Each PACE site has a chaplain assigned to it. If you’re ever in need of additional support, our chaplains will be right by your side.

Spiritual Care

  • Pastoral counseling, encouragement, and prayer with respect to your beliefs, cultural traditions, and practices.
  • Visits to the day center, hospital, and participants’ homes when needed.
  • Support with connecting you to local clergy from your faith tradition.
  • Education for your healthcare team about spiritual beliefs and the potential impact on your healthcare choices.
  • Accompaniment while coping with loss or challenges.
  • Religious and spiritual literature, Bibles, and other reflective resources.
  • Special seasonal worship services.
  • Resident and family support for end-of-life.
  • Memorial services.

To speak with a chaplain or to request a chaplain visit, please call the chaplain’s office at: (619) 239-6900



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