St. Paul's PACE Monthly Activities Calendar

St. Paul’s Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) offers a multitude of stimulating activities designed to keep our participants engaged and active.  Our dedicated professionals are committed to creating opportunities that ensure each participant can experience a variety of meaningful activities that enrich the mind, body, and spirit. Each calendar offers a wide variety of experiences such as music, art, exercise, education, and much more. Our calendars offer activities that will suit everyone’s needs regardless of their abilities. Learn more about our St. Paul’s PACE activity calendars below.

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St. Paul’s PACE – San Diego  

Take full advantage of our exciting activities such as Zumba, music classes, bingo and arts and craft to stimulate your imagination. Meditation and yoga are also available to steer you towards an optimum state of blissful mind, body, and spirit.

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St. Paul’s PACE – Chula Vista

Awaken your inner dancer with Move and Groove, one of the most popular activities on the calendar. It’s never too late to boost your culinary skills; Recipe Review is another desired activity on the calendar.

St. Paul's PACE East

St. Paul’s PACE – El Cajon

Enjoy music and exercise to liven your spirits. Additionally, you can unearth your inner artist with watercolors and painting activities. You can experience mental stimulation by dabbling with jigsaw puzzles and holiday music trivia. The calendar is full of exciting endeavors.

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