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    St. Paul’s PACE in downtown San Diego opened in 2008 and was the first PACE program in San Diego County. Located on Elm Street, our flagship location is a resource that provides a full schedule of activities, wellness programs, and opportunities to socialize and exercise. In addition, St. Paul’s PACE – San Diego provides a wide range of medical services, along with physical therapy, occupational therapy, transportation, and more.

    We are proud to name our first PACE site after Desdemona Reasner, the mother of Kaye Woltman, a prominent philanthropist who supported seniors in San Diego.

    At St. Paul’s PACE San Diego, it is our mission to support seniors’ independence while improving the overall quality of life – ensuring that all medical needs are met.

    Social Workers

    The Advantages of St. Paul’s PACE San Diego

    The concept behind PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) is to provide comprehensive care for seniors who live at home, but still need some services that they would otherwise receive from an assisted living facility. Our resources are designed to help you maintain your quality of life without sacrificing your independence.

    St. Paul’s PACE – San Diego has a large day center where you can enjoy the company of others your own age. In addition to the puzzles, board games, and art activities that can be explored alone or together at your leisure, we have a full schedule of engaging classes and activities to bring you comfort, companionship, and entertainment.

    St. Paul’s PACE is a program that includes all inclusive care for the elderly, if you are accepted into their program. I was invited to visit them twice and I thought that their program was outstanding ; it is a wonderful organization for seniors – especially for those who’s applicants are at least 65 years of age or over yet, I was told that they accept many homeless, as well as immigrants into their selection process: It’s primarily based on a final opinion, which is determined by the subjective analysis/judgments of their own psychiatrist and physician.
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    Simplify your life by taking advantage of the many services offered at St. Paul’s PACE – San Diego

    Comprehensive Care

    You may be frustrated with having to navigate an increasingly complex system of different medical facilities, specialists, and appointments. It can be exhausting and confusing to keep up with your own care. As a St. Paul’s PACE participant, you don’t have to stress about that. St. Paul’s PACE in San Diego is a one-stop shop. Simplify your life by taking advantage of the many services offered at St. Paul’s PACE – San Diego, including (but not limited to):

    ● A wide range of specialists, including audiologists, optometrists, dentists, and podiatrists
    ● Social workers
    ● Wellness programs
    ● Transportation, to and from St. Paul’s PACE
    ● Assistance with your prescriptions
    ● In-home care
    ● Physical therapy
    ● Occupational therapy
    ● Speech therapy
    ● Nutritious meals
    ● Pet therapy

    I only hear good things about this program, I love how they help local seniors live a healthier lifestyle. Just today I read a blog about a PACE participant who started walking again thanks to the support she received from PACE.
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    I LOVE PACE! Wish I had them 2 years ago, when I was going thru so much alone! Now I have a Team to call.
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    St. Paul’s PACE

    Address: 111 Elm Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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    Directions to St.Paul’s PACE - San Diego

    By car: St. Paul’s PACE San Diego is located in Downtown San Diego between 1st and 2nd Avenue on Elm Street. Traveling from North of San Diego use I-5 S, take exit 17 for Front street towards Civic Center, then keep left at the fork, make a left turn on Third avenue, and another left turn onto Elm Street. After 394 feet St. Paul’s PACE San Diego is on your left. If you are traveling from the South of San Diego use I-5 N, use the right 2 lanes to take exit 16B for 6th Avenue towards Downtown, keep straight and continue to Elm Street. After 0.4 miles St. Paul’s PACE San Diego is on your left.

    By public transit: St. Paul’s PACE San Diego is next to route 11 bus station at 2nd Avenue and Elm Street. The 11 bus route connects SDSU and Downtown San Diego.

    If public transportation is not possible with your condition, you can contact your local St. Paul’s PACE office at the number above to discuss alternative transportation options.

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