Meet the St. Paul’s PACE Staff

Our team at St. Paul’s PACE helps provide seniors with medical care by connecting them with essential resources and services in San Diego. Click on a team member’s name to learn more about them and why they choose to work with seniors.

Carol Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer of Community Eldercare of San Diego/St. Paul’s PACE

Alberto Aldrete

Operations Director

Francisco Zavala

Enrollment Director

Leila Alexander

Enrollment Facilitator

Carol Castillon

Regional Center Director

St. Paul’s PACE Chula Vista

Stephanie Cardenas

Enrollment Specialist

Olga Chavez

Enrollment Coordinator

Vanessa Garza

Enrollment Specialist

St. Paul’s PACE El Cajon

Monique Fountain

Senior Enrollment Specialist

Leticia Wade

Enrollment Coordinator

St. Paul’s PACE San Diego

Nicole Romo

Enrollment Specialist

Carla McLaughlin

Enrollment Specialist

St. Paul’s PACE North County

Karina Flores

Enrollment Coordinator

Betsyanne Peavey

Enrollment Specialist

St. Paul's PACE Outreach

Veronica Meza

Outreach Specialist

Paola Solis

Outreach Specialist

Erin Clements

Outreach Specialist

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