Our Mission

St. Paul’s PACE is the leader in providing all-inclusive, innovative solutions to the health and social service needs of San Diego’s elderly.

Mission Statement: St. Paul’s PACE provides a caring network of services that fosters independence, preserves individual dignity, and enables frail seniors to remain at home, involved with their family, friends, and community.

Guiding Principles: St. Paul’s PACE is guided in its interdisciplinary approach to provide care that addresses the varied social, physical, spiritual, ethnic, and cultural needs of those we serve.

Do I Qualify?

See if You Qualify for PACE

Talk to an Enrollment Specialist to see if St. Paul’s PACE is right for you. Call 1-833-PACE NOW and ask about how to qualify for PACE, or you can fill out a free evaluation form online.



We serve seniors and our community by:

  • Striving to enhance each participant’s quality of life
  • Providing quality senior medical care
  • Offering innovative senior service options
  • Providing pastoral care
  • Promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting programs for family and the expanded community
  • Collaborating with other community organizations
  • Participating in state and national organizations
  • Developing education, training, and research programs

St. Paul’s Senior Services continually provides excellent, cost-effective, and affordable services to encourage and support independent living. These programs are further enhanced through the generosity of the San Diego community.

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