6 Subtle Signs Your Body Shows When Your Cholesterol is Too High

Signs Your Body Shows When Your Cholesterol is Too HighAre you feeling a little under the weather recently? Perhaps it’s just a bug or a virus. We all go through small periods where we feel like our health is failing us. If the same old symptoms keep popping up, though, it might be time to wonder if your body really is failing you. At that stage, we recommend that you take a closer look at your general health. For example, many of us could so easily miss the signs of a potentially fatal health problem building up – such as high cholesterol.The lifestyle many of us lead – sedentary physical activities and excessive eating of processed foods – leads to high cholesterol.

Add in the stress-laden lifestyle that many of us live as well, and it’s easy to see why our bodies are in flux. However, blink, and you would probably miss some of the more subtle signs that you have problems with your cholesterol.
So, what can you do if that is the case? It’s recommend that you consider some of the following subtle signs. They aren’t the most obvious – but all of them require you to act.

1. Heart attack

As you no doubt know, a cholesterol problem is going to bring on heart problems. If you would like to get around that problem and avoid it from becoming the nightmare it could, you should see a cardiologist. They can help you to work out the issues that your heart faces so that you can then make the right choices.
If you are serious about improving the way that you live, go and see a doctor. If you have any symptoms of a heart attack – pains in the arm, breathlessness, dizziness etc. – then you should get checked out as soon as possible. Cholesterol levels will lead to an increased risk of a heart attack, so keep that in mind.

2. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a sign to look out for, too. You should have your blood pressure taken by a doctor as soon as is possible. This will help you to cut down on issues that might be forcing a higher level of blood pressure. To know, though, you must go and see your doctor.
If you are someone who deals with a lot of blood pressure related issues, then you should look to take part in a medical examination. It’s the only way to gauge your blood pressure – and work out what has to be done.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is another common sign that you may have high cholesterol. Diabetes can have a major impact on your cholesterol levels, as you tend to have cholesterol particles that hang around the arteries – meaning that your blood vessels can become needlessly damaged.
You should, therefore, look to try and change your diet and lifestyle to fit in with the diabetic issues that you face. If you are someone who is worried about diabetes, then you should most certainly look to have yourself checked out. Fatigue and a constant sense of a lack of alertness are just two side-effects to look out.

4. Chest pain or angina

Do you suffer from a lot of chest pains? Don’t just put it down to heartburn. Take some heartburn remedies, and if the pain persists, then you need to change up your diet. Regular chest pain that is not heartburn, though, is a likely sign that you have high cholesterol. With that in mind, you should look to take part in more physical exercise – and also spend some time looking at your diet.
If you are serious about beating this problem, then you need to consider why you are getting chest pains, and then do something about it.

5. Stroke

Strokes are a sign of high cholesterol, as are the general feelings that you might be about to have a stroke. We urge that you keep this in mind, as it’s one of the most easily missed of symptoms. If you are someone who is suffering from stroke-like symptoms, it often comes from an artery in the brain becoming blocked or narrowed. If it becomes fully blocked, then you are at risk of having a stroke.
A stroke is not something that you can easily avoid, though: it will take a lot of work to improve your body to the point where a stroke is no longer a major issue. If you would like to break free of the risk of a stroke, then we recommend that you take this into account. Try and work on your cholesterol levels, as it can be a sign that a stroke is dreadfully near.

6. Pain while walking

Do you ever feel like your legs are permanently strained and unable to give out the performance that you need? Then you are not alone. Worryingly though, those tingly and painful legs aren’t just a sign that you sat down for too long or need to go for a run. They are often symptoms that point to high cholesterol, meaning that you should look to react to this issue as soon as possible.
Consider the pain that you feel when you are walking. That often comes from the blocked arteries in your legs which are unable to get the blood sent down that they need. If this is a problem that you cannot escape, then you should probably look to do something about it – starting with lowering your cholesterol levels!

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