St. Paul’s PACE Gives Widower Care He Needs

St. Paul’s PACE Gives Widower Care He NeedsRafael Slovatisky and his late wife used to belong to a well-known health care provider for 25 years until the level of care wasn’t meeting their needs.

“My wife had Parkinson’s and she wasn’t treated correctly,” Rafael grimaces. “She couldn’t even walk. I called the doctor and three days later the doctor called back. At that moment I said to my wife that we need something better.”

Perhaps fate intervened. A doctor at the health care facility was leaving to work for St. Paul’s and told the Slovatiskys about the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). They enrolled and found the health care they were looking for.

“I was the caregiver for my wife,” Rafael said lovingly. “She had to take medicine every six hours. I was there 24/7. We made a team. If she was asleep, I would wake her. We were married for 53 years. She had Parkinson’s for more than 10 years. She was my treasure. I needed help for my wife. Because of her, I am here.”

“St. Paul’s PACE is the best place to be because they really take care of you.”

Shortly after the couple joined St. Paul’s PACE, they were forced out of their apartment. St. Paul’s PACE helped them find a home. Not long after, Rafael fell and damaged his spine. He had to wear a head halo for almost 14 months. He says he is grateful to St. Paul’s PACE because they provided him all the help he needed while recovering.

In 2015, his wife passed away. Rafael now lives with family members.

“I am completely satisfied with my medical care,” Rafael nods. “I had an operation on my neck, one in my hand … I have had a lot of services. They gave me teeth and glasses. St. Paul’s PACE is the best place to be because they really take care of you. Because of St. Paul’s PACE, believe it or not, I feel like an ox!”

Rafael says St. Paul’s PACE is like an extended family – it has helped him to have a social life. He even started a newspaper. St. Paul’s PACE helps him at home too.

“St. Paul’s PACE sends someone to the house twice a week to help with cleaning my area,” he beams. “They help me stay independent. I am living with my granddaughter and my son. St. Paul’s PACE makes them not worry about me.”

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from St. Paul’s PACE, please contact us.

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