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    Supportive Housing Partnerships

    “When I first moved in, I cried for several days, and now I can’t stop smiling. I wake up every day thinking, this is mine,” – Ricky Lopez, Tenant

    “We believe that seniors in our community have no business living on the street. Did you know that close to 30 percent of the homeless living on the street in San Diego are seniors? We’re making an impact, but we have a lot more work to do.” – Carol Hubbard, Executive Director of Home and Community Based Services

    About Our Partnerships

    PACE programs do not provide or pay for housing. However, upon occasion, St. Paul’s PACE has worked with local San Diego developers and the San Diego Housing Commission to provide low-income, supportive housing to specific groups of seniors who qualify for St. Paul’s PACE. These housing developments are usually limited to those who have been or are homeless. St. Paul’s PACE works directly with transitional housing organizations to identify and qualify seniors for these housing opportunities. Please contact our Supportive Housing Manager, Mark Lim, at 1-619-677-3868 to learn more about when St. Paul’s will have a housing project available.

    Over 200 seniors are no longer homeless thanks to the partnership between St. Paul’s Senior Services, Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation, and the City Heights Community Development Corporation. In the summer of 2017, our collaborate efforts culminated with the grand opening of Talmadge Gateway. It was the first 100 percent permanent supportive housing community in San Diego, a $20.7 million complex exclusively for formerly homeless seniors with medical needs that require ongoing support. St. Paul’s PACE provides comprehensive medical services that help the residents thrive.

    History Timeline

    Since 2013 St. Paul’s PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) has developed partnerships with various housing developers to provide wrap-around supportive services to formerly homeless (or at risk of homelessness) seniors.   The developers provide the housing and St. Paul’s PACE finds the homeless seniors, qualifies them for PACE.  Most importantly, the senior must qualify for the PACE program, a managed care medical program that is regulated by the State of California.

    Below you will see the history of the supportive housing programs St. Paul’s PACE is involved in.  With the opening of the most recent partnership at Park West, St. Paul’s PACE will have placed over 200 formerly homeless seniors into “housing first” programs with all medical and social support programs provided.

    Parker Kier

    2013 – Parker-Kier

    2172 Front Street
    San Diego, CA 92101

    Type: Vintage apartment building

    (11 apartments) dedicated to St. Paul’s PACE for homeless or at risk of homeless seniors.  Apartments provided by San Diego Housing Commission/Housing Development Partners.

    2015 – Celadon

    929 Ninth Ave
    San Diego, CA 92101

    Type:  New building

    (63 apartments) dedicated to St. Paul’s PACE for homeless or at risk of homeless seniors.  Apartments provided by Bridge Housing.

    Talmadge Gateway Dusk

    2017 – Talmadge Gateway

    4422 Euclid Avenue
    San Diego, California

    Type:  New building

    (59 apartments) entire building dedicated to St. Paul’s PACE for homeless seniors.  Apartments provided by Wakeland Housing and Development Corp.

    2018 – Park West/Quality Inn

    1840 Fourth Ave,
    San Diego, CA 92101

    Type:  Retrofitted motel

    (47 Apartments) dedicated to St. Paul’s PACE for homeless seniors.  Apartments provided by San Diego Housing Commission/Housing Development Partners.

    Park West Building

    Additional note: When St. Paul’s PACE first became involved with this special population; St. Paul’s provided behavioral health training to the PACE team so that they could better serve this constituency.  Many of the seniors did not want to go to the PACE center where there are many other PACE participants on any given day.   When the care team realized this – the team adapted and took the care to the participant in the above housing.

    Housing & Medical Services For Homeless Seniors

    St. Paul’s PACE and Wakeland Housing & Development Corporation may be able to help. Working together, we have created an all-inclusive housing and medical program specifically for homeless seniors. To qualify, you must be:

    55 years of age or older

    Homeless or exiting an institution where they were homeless prior to entry

    Have medical needs that require daily medical support

    Other criteria may apply

    Preference for individuals living in the City of San Diego

    Refer San Diego Seniors Today

    If approved, they will receive:

    Low income housing, which includes:

    Project based section 8 subsidy

    Range, oven, microwave, refrigerator

    Physical, occupational and behavioral therapy

    Furnished interiors

    Medical care, which includes (as needed):

    Doctors and medical specialists

    Home care

    Transportation to medical appointments

    Private bathroom

    Seniors will need Medi-Cal with no share of cost to receive medical care at no cost.

    Mary Johnson at St. Paul's PACE Akaloa

    If you are currently homeless but do not believe you qualify, click here for additional resources or call 2-1-1 for a list of open emergency shelters.

    Know Someone Who May Qualify?

    Approved individuals will receive housing and medical support at a property.

    Please call the St. Paul’s PACE enrollments department at (619)677-3800 or email

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