St. Paul’s PACE Gives Woman Freedom

St. Paul’s PACE Gives Woman FreedomVirginia Castaneda spent twenty years of her life caring for a family as their live-in nanny. She called the studio in their backyard “home” until the youngest child became a teenager and Virginia was no longer needed. Soon after, her health began to fail.

“I found out I was diabetic,” Virginia explained. “My health started really going bad in 2005; I was really going downhill.”

Virginia managed the best she could on her own. Suffering from high blood pressure, she discovered that heat makes her sick; sometimes she even collapses. On several occasions she was taken to the hospital because of a fall. It was during one of her hospital visits that she heard about St. Paul’s PACE.

“I needed something to get out of the house,” Virginia teased. “St. Paul’s PACE sounded like there were good things to do and I needed help.”

Virginia was getting to the point where she avoided going out of her studio apartment for fear of falling. With no laundry facilities in her home and no grocery store close by, she felt stuck.

“With PACE, I get help with my laundry and grocery shopping,” Virginia smiled. “I’m legally blind and St. Paul’s PACE helps me clean house and get groceries. I don’t need a caregiver because I have St. Paul’s PACE.”

St. Paul’s PACE also helps Virginia with her health. It has given her a sense of freedom.

“My outlook has changed since being at St. Paul’s PACE,” she confirmed. “I like the socialization I get when I come in. My health is better. I don’t have trouble with my high blood pressure. I was falling for three years before I came to St. Paul’s PACE. At home, if I fall and can’t get up, I have a call button which St. Paul’s PACE provided.”

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from St. Paul’s PACE, please contact us.

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